Summarized it is: customer benefit!

Geschäftsführer der Firma PROAIR in Deutschland / Germany die den DELPHIN herstellt ist Helmut Grassinger

We created the DELPHIN for you, our customers. It is supposed to cast as many "clean spells" as possible – in your house, flat, office, and visitor areas. It is also supposed to secure an allergy-free area and replace conventional cleaning methods.

Therefore, we developed a device that provides exactly that. Every day. And for countless fields of application. Since 1993. DELPHIN.

Today we are pleased to have satisfied customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. This is a strong indication for us that we, together with the DELPHIN, fulfil the wishes of our customers and bring about benefits.


We are particularly proud of our good reputation as an employer.

Many that work for us say: If you start working in that company, you will not need any further career changes! Interested? Contact us!